Fixed window grilles.

B&B Industrial Doors (UK) Ltd provide a new line in high quality bars, lattices and secure grilles to keep your home, shop or office safe thanks to our retractable Titan Grilles which are available for all kinds of locations and can suit any number of placement options to keep an appealing appearance for the site.

The grilles and lattices are recognised as some of the strongest available by the insurance industry and provide a visible deterrent when in place.

Lattice gates.

These doors offer good security and can be opened during the day and closed in the evening. The lattice gates run along fixed tracks which are installed creating a frame, when opened they form a sash or bundle at either end of the track. When closed they can be locked centrally and offer excellent security.

Lattice doors can be installed almost anywhere and look respectable. The strong secure lattice work and pickets give good protection, offering peace of mind.