Tube and link shutters.

These are suitable for various commercial applications. The curtain is constructed with horizontal rods with flat links and tubular spacers in heat-treated alloy, steel, aluminium or nylon.

Lock nuts and nylon-end guides fitted to each rod end and run in rolled steel or aluminium guide channels. For the bottom rail, extruded aluminium or a galvanized rolled steel-section is used, and has been designed to accept a full range of locking devices.

Solid, punched-out and perforated lath.

Perforated lath have been developed as a strong yet elegant alternative to grille-type curtains. The laths interlock horizontally to form a rigid curtain to close the opening completely. They are manufactured by punching 2.6mm holes in cold-rolled galvanized steel laths of either 75mm or 50mm width, which can be powder-coated to many of the British standard colour range.

The visual effect of the perforated lath can also be enhanced by back lighting and display whilst not losing any of the security of solid lath. The overall effect is of an open plan look and not the closed look of solid laths. Also available in solid or punched-out Brick Bond pattern.