B&B Industrial Doors

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Service and maintenance.

Required by law. It is now a legal requirement that all power operated and automatic doors should be maintained tested and in safe working order, as with any mechanical object the need for service and maintenance is vital to ensure its life expectancy is maintained.

Our fully qualified engineers are available to service your doors and record all work that is carried out to leave your door in a safe condition to use, in compliance with BS EN 12635 and BS EN 13241-1.

We are also certified to undertake servicing and maintenance in line with your insurance companies requirements and British Standards.

If you would like to arrange a service call, please contact us on 02920 362 580.

Remote control units and handsets

20x more cost effective, 5x more users. If your company is still using outdated 240V units, our newly-developed remote control systems could be just what you're looking for. Consuming just 12V and supporting up to 50 remote control handsets, the new system is both cheaper to maintain and cheaper to buy that what you're currently using.

New, durable remote design. Tired of your remote handsets always failing on you, or breaking from accidental drops? Our new remote fobs have been completely redesigned using ultra-durable metals and are even more responsive. They even cost the same as the old remotes too - so you've nothing to lose by switching to the latest improved system.

Enquire today and upgrade for increased durability and efficiency, call 02920 362 580.

Motor force testing.
In this video, learn how all our industrial motors are put through routine force testing in order to comply with B&B Industrial Doors' operation and safety standards.