B&B Industrial Doors

Steel roller shutters.

Our steel range of roller shutters make for an affordable alternative to aluminium.

Available plastisol-coated to any RAL or BS colour specification, or simply left galvanised, we manufacture four main types of steel roller shutters:

Solid and punched-out (Brickbond). These are suitable for various commercial applications. The curtain is constructed with horizontal rods with flat links and tubular spacers in heat-treated alloy, steel, aluminium or nylon.

Lock nuts and nylon-end guides fitted to each rod end and run in rolled steel or aluminium guide channels. For the bottom rail, extruded aluminium or a galvanized rolled steel-section is used, and has been designed to accept a full range of locking devices.

Perforated lath. Perforated lath have been developed as a strong yet elegant alternative to grille-type curtains. The laths interlock horizontally to form a rigid curtain to close the opening completely. They are manufactured by punching 2.6mm holes in cold-rolled galvanized steel laths of either 75mm or 50mm width, which can be powder-coated to many of the British standard colour range.

The visual effect of the perforated lath can also be enhanced by back lighting and display whilst not losing any of the security of solid lath. The overall effect is of an open plan look and not the closed look of solid laths. Also available in punched-out Brick Bond pattern.

Continental Flowline. Our continental flowline grille is a curtain constructed from undulated zinc tube clamped and crimped securely together to allow flexibility. This type of grille is only available in a zinc or galvanized finish.

Captured in high definition. Watch as we manufacture galvanised steel laths used in the assembly of our industrial doors. These panels can be powder coated to standard RAL colours to compliment your retail colour schemes.


Aluminium roller shutters.

B&B Industrial Doors manufacture a range of roller shutters custom-made to suit your needs. We provide medium to high security industrial, commercial and residential products. Constructed from aluminium you can select from a wide variety of features, operation and finish to suit your properties' requirements.

Available powder-coated to any RAL or BS colour specification, or simply left galvanised, we manufacture three main types of aluminium roller shutters:

Full polycarbonate. Polycarbonate has a material strength greater than that of steel, which allows a design structure to give superior resistance to attack. Full polycarbonate roller shutters offer the best of both worlds, combining excellent visibility with a high level of security. They are built from patented, high-quality composite polycarbonate links reinforced by aluminium tubes. This is where full polycarbonate derives its strength and flexibility from this construction.

With over 80% transparency, a polycarbonate roller shutter provides excellent visibility, more so than any other comparable solution. Transparent links are UV-stabilised, so they do not discolour. These shutters are easy to clean and maintain, and are chlorine and sea salt resistant.

Aluminium polycarbonate. When security is as important as visibility, aluminium polycarbonate shutters offer both strength and large amounts of open space, and are frequently preferred by town planning departments.

Equally at home in high-street shopfronts, retail parks and shopping centres, the pattern of cut-outs leaves an inviting yet secure appearance with its use of polycarbonate glazing which is virtually unbreakable.

Aluminium punched-out (Brickbond). A punched aluminium shutter benefits over other see-through shutter systems and outclasses them with its strength and smart appearance.

The punched sections found in the profile allow vision, light and air filtration through its punched slots. A double-skinned extruded profile is fitted to every alternate lath and secured in place with a high impact polyamide end-lock system, for extra security. The punched lath can be protected with lexan strips for maximum security as an optional extra.

Anti-cut high-security roller shutter doors.

Heavy duty insulated roller shutters with twin-interlocking lath with an anti-cut and insulation core which provides both security and insulation. These doors also have the additional bonus of providing an acoustic rating.

These doors can be finished in plastisol, powder coated to BS or RAL colours, of just left galvanised. They are operated by electric motor and are fitted with a safety brake as standard, using either push buttons or key switches.

Motor force testing.
In this video, learn how all our industrial motors are put through routine force testing in order to comply with B&B Industrial Doors' operation and safety standards.