Bi-folding doors.

Bi-folding doors are thin and sleek, allowing you access to almost the entire opening in which they are fitted, more than double that offered by most sliding patio doors. The windows can be fitted flush to the ground, and come with the latest in polyamide profile technology ensuring they keep the home warm during the winter and keep your energy costs low.

Aluminium truly is the material of the moment. It is strong, light, stable and it will not rust, warp or rot. From an environmental point of view, it has a lot to commend it. It can be recycled over and over again, with no degradation or loss of physical properties. What’s more, B&B’s sliding folding doors can be fitted directly to the structure of your property.

Roller garage doors.

Our roller garage doors are specifically tailored to your personal requirements, using insulated, plastisol-coated aluminium profiles in a variety of colours, or just plain powder-coated steel profiles. Our aluminium curtain contains a foam core, which insulates the system and also helps with superior sound-proofing. All our motors are concealed and integrated into the system, and operated by a remote control. So no more struggling in the wind and rain.

Aluminium roller garage doors are insulated and have a more modern finish, whilst our steel range offer a more affordable cost, and lack the thermal properties of aluminium insulated doors. Our doors have built-in autolocks all fitted as standard, so that when the door is closed, a spring-clamp device holds the door down securely in place.