B&B Industrial Doors

Roller garage doors.

Our roller garage doors are specifically tailored to your personal requirements, using insulated, plastisol-coated aluminium profiles in a variety of colours, or just plain powder-coated steel profiles. Our aluminium curtain contains a foam core, which insulates the system and also helps with superior sound-proofing. All our motors are concealed and integrated into the system, and operated by a remote control. So no more struggling in the wind and rain.

Aluminium or steel. Aluminium roller garage doors are insulated, and have a more modern finish. Whilst our steel range offer a more affordable cost, and lack the thermal properties of aluminium insulated doors.

Colour choice. Depending on the material type chosen, a variety of colours are available including woodgrain finishes.

Secure. Our doors have built-in autolocks all fitted as standard, so that when the door is closed, a spring-clamp device holds the door down securely in place.

Keep in the warmth. Our aluminium range offers thermal insulation to keep an enclosed area, such as your garage, warm in winter and cool in summer. Ideal for integral garages, and garages with bedrooms above.

Safety approved. Our doors even have safety brakes preinstalled which comply with stringent European laws, keeping you safe.

Stronger. Our door is an impressive 10kg/m2 making it much stronger when closed.

Accessories. Two remote controls, a safety beam and a light are supplied all standard.

Noise reduction. An impressive 15mm thick curtain acts as a sound-insulating barrier.

Up-and-over garage doors

Manual to automatic conversion kit

Why change your old manual garage door, when you can convert it to an automatic one?

Our easy to install conversion kit for up-and-over garage doors combines electrically operated mechanisms with a remote control for convenience and ease of use.

Our unit uses a low voltage motor, so not only do you save money by keeping your existing door, you're able to save more through its efficient operation.

It comes with two handsets, with additional handsets available.