Full polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate has a material strength greater than that of steel, which allows a design structure to give superior resistance to attack. Full polycarbonate roller shutters offer the best of both worlds, combining excellent visibility with a high level of security. They are built from patented, high-quality composite polycarbonate links reinforced by aluminium tubes. This is where full polycarbonate derives its strength and flexibility from this construction.

With over 80% transparency, a polycarbonate roller shutter provides excellent visibility, more so than any other comparable solution. Transparent links are UV-stabilised, so they do not discolour. These shutters are easy to clean and maintain, and are chlorine and sea salt resistant.

Aluminium polycarbonate.

When security is as important as visibility, aluminium polycarbonate shutters offer both strength and large amounts of open space, and are frequently preferred by town planning departments.

Equally at home in high-street shopfronts, retail parks and shopping centres, the pattern of cut-outs leaves an inviting yet secure appearance with its use of polycarbonate glazing which is virtually unbreakable.