Automatic sliding doors.

Our automatic sliding doors are state of the art, easy to install and easy to maintain to offer a longer service life than older models. For those worried about limited space for automatic sliding doors a telescopic version is available that is to the same high standards of normal sliding doors, but requires even less space to operate successfully.

Automatic sliding doors also benefit the user by ensuring your building meets the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (1995) in a safe, secure and reliable way. The automatic door is made to BS and EU directive standards.

Automatic swing doors.

Swing doors can provide a way of offering automatic doors while maintaining an existing standard door set up, particularly in the case of secure doors or fire doors. The system can be set up to respond to sensors or manual input depending on your requirements, and also offers a way to ensure your premises meets the Disability Discrimination Act (1995) standards by modifying your existing doors to offer an automatic option to visitors and customers.

The systems can be set up to open automatically in the case of emergency, and offer a low cost and low power solution to any need that you have for automatic doors.

Aluminium shopfronts.

Our aluminium shopfronts are designed especially to meet the needs of commercial ground floor treatment. Aluminium as a raw material is ideal for shopfronts, windows and doors as it is lightweight yet durable. Furthermore, aluminium is corrosion resistant and therefore is long lasting and able to withstand all weather conditions. B&B offer surface treatments such as powder coating and anodising which can improve this further.

B&B’s aluminium fronts can be painted to any RAL or BS colour, and the flexibility of design as a result of using aluminium allows for appropriate installation across various location including retail stores, commercial entrances and shopping centres.